> How to clean Microwave Oven

How to clean Microwave Oven

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How to clean microwave oven

The use of microwave radiations or high frequency radio waves is the basic principle of how a microwave oven heats and cooks food. Sounds like quite bizarre technology but, it has been possible to use radio waves to cook apart from transmitting wireless signals and intelligence over the air. Microwaves are very high frequency electromagnetic radiation radio waves but slight lower than infrared light and are non-ionizing.

It is quite clear that microwave oven is a time saving appliance for your kitchen. But as with any other appliance microwave oven also needs to be maintained well. Before closing down your kitchen after a whole day's of microwave oven usage, it would be good to ensure that it is cleaned and odour free.

4 methods to clean microwave oven

Spatters of food and oil do one very bad thing to your microwave oven that is to reduce its efficiency while looking nasty and smelling bad. The good news is cleaning a microwave is the simplest job on earth and here are the steps;

There are 4 methods of cleaning a microwave oven such as;
  1. With Vinegar
  2. With a lemon
  3. With the help of soap
  4. With the help of a window cleaner

With the help of Vinegar

How to clean microwave oven using white vinegar
  • Step 1 : Add a teaspoon of white Vinegar to a half full microwave safe bowl of water.
  • Step 2 : Place this bowl inside the cavity of your microwave oven.
  • Step 3 : Turn your microwave oven on for about 5 minutes or less if it’s a high powered machine. This should evaporate the Vinegar solution and its vapor will liquidate the dried gunk on walls of cavity that makes the job of cleaning pretty easy and fun.
  • Step 4 : Now, we are good to clean the inside cavity with a clean white Turkish cloth or towel after removing the bowl, Done!

With the help of Lemon

How to clean microwave oven using lemon
  • Step 1 : Place two halves of a cut Lemon cut side down, on a microwave friendly plate with one tablespoon of water inside the cavity of your microwave oven.
  • Step 2 : Turn on your microwave oven for about a minute until the lemon and water is steamy and has vaporized the whole cavity.
  • Step 3 : Remove the plate and wipe the walls of cavity with a white cloth and your microwave oven good as new!

With the help of Dish Wash Soap

  • Step 1 : Place a half filled bowl with dish wash soap warm solution and microwave it for a minute.
  • Step 2 : You should be able to see the bowl steaming and vaporizing the walls of cavity of the oven.
  • Step 3 : Remove the bowl out and sponge clean the inner walls of your microwave oven cavity and you have a fresh as new machine.
  • Step 4 : Instead of dish wash soap, baking soda solution also works equally fine as well as a deodorizer.


Your microwave oven should be cleaned almost daily if you are totally dependent on it and use it for everything you cook or heat. Cleaning a microwave oven is simple and it needs just some soap or lemon water vapor to do the trick of liquidating the junk.

Video on How to Clean Microwave Oven

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