> How to use Microwave Oven

How to use Microwave Oven

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Microwave ovens are amazing machines that take the pain of cooking out of your neck but, to make best use, it is essential to know its working and how to use it I assume you are new to it so, I am here to help you with the basics. First things first, read the booklet supplied with your new microwave oven thoroughly because it contains plenty useful information you will need almost every time you use it.

You can heat up your coffee with pure milk but, here you need to watch carefully or the milk might scatter due to excessive heat or extreme microwaves. It is important to leave some space inside around the utensil you keep inside for microwaves or electromagnetic power to penetrate into the food item you had kept inside. Your microwave oven is very useful when you need to fry vegetables, if you microwave the vegetables after cutting them it will soften the core of the vegetables and will make it easy to fry without having to burn or fry those veggies from outside as done in conventional cooking.

Step by Step guide to use microwave oven

Microwave oven is a high power electric equipment something similar to an air conditioner or refrigerator which consumes more power so never share your microwave oven plug socket with any other gadget power supply, here are the steps to begin with your machine.

  1. First thing plug-in and switch-on your microwave oven.
  2. Now, you need to set the timer according to the food you are cooking or heating precooked food.
  3. Most microwave ovens come with a temperature setting dial which needs to be turned clockwise until the desired timing is set or obtained.
  4. Many microwave ovens come with a numeric pad in which to key in the temperature as number of minutes and seconds.
  5. Till here, you have set the temperature by way of duration of operation of your microwave oven and now to cook or heat your food.
  6. Press ‘Cook’ and the machine will start functioning; it’s as simple as that.

How to make popcorn using microwave oven

Get a copy of popcorn recipes and prepare some delicious popcorn in your microwave oven in a covered bowl with very small quantity oil added to it or in a popcorn synthetic bag which is microwaveable, a great way to pop in some crunchy popcorn while you watch your favorite shows and learn how to use microwave oven. However, be very careful when cooking popcorn in your microwave oven because often times because of excessive heat the bag of popcorns get scorched and burnt, use limited and mild heat. If you are cooking something like a semisolid food or an item with less water content, don’t microwave for more than a minute to avoid burning it out.


All you need is to understand the basics and you will have a great time with microwaving your food to a delicious meal all-round the year. The very principle of microwaving food is vibrating the food particles and molecules with microwave resonance frequency and by virtue of friction produced due to movement of food molecules and particles. Remember, the cavity of your microwave oven has several ‘dead zones’ or cold spots as well as hot spot and might lead to uneven heating, the turn table helps in overcoming this limitation by rotating the food.

Video on How to use Microwave Oven

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