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Microwave Safe Utensils and Containers

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Which bowl to use in microwave

Microwave ovens have gained huge popularity after the nineties because of its time saving features and convenience of cooking and heating. But, there are certain limitations to microwave utensils, some don’t work in a microwave oven only specific utensils can be used to heat or cook food in the microwave oven cavity. The utensils that can be used for microwaving are those that are microwave safe used for baking and heating food. Generally all utensils have a label on them specifying if they are microwavable or not and you can find some kind of indication embossed underneath the vessel as fit for microwave cooking.

Virgin Plastic Utensils are microwave safe

Microwave unsafe utensils
Microwave safe plastic containers

The general rule is - no metals container, plate or utensils are allowed inside the cavity of your microwave oven. Reason being that metals don't allow microwaves or radio waves to penetrate and pass through them and if microwaves don't pass through them it will not be able to pass through the food. And if microwaves don't pass through the food it will not be able to produce momentum in the food particles and molecules. This way the very principle of working in a microwave oven is defied and the food won't even heat up leave alone cooking or baking. The best material or utensil for microwave oven is Pyrex which is a form of crockery made of China clay and glass containers or Microwave bowls.

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Utensils that can pass radio waves are microwave safe

Just anything that can stand heat and is not metal this seems to be the golden rule for utensils and containers meant for microwave ovens. Some glass containers and utensils have decorative designs or linings of metal paints on its body which disqualify it to be used in a microwave oven. Ordinary glass and plastic containers or utensils are not suitable for microwaving because they won't stand the kind of heat that is produced in the process of cooking or heating food. Only branded virgin plastic utensils meant for microwaving and toughened glass specially manufactured for microwave oven work fine. It might seem like foiled containers and aluminum foils might work in a microwave oven sure it does but the food in it won't heat.

Toughened glass utensils and containers are microwave safe

Microwave safe glass containers

The reason why any plastic container or utensil that is hard enough and can stand heat is not suitable for microwave oven is because of petrochemical poisoning. The best materials suitable for microwaving food are; heavy pottery utensils, ceramic containers and bowls, paper plates, towels, chinaware specifically meant for microwaving.

  • A peculiar advantage of a microwave oven is that while it heats and cooks food in microwavable containers and utensils it only heats up the food and not the container or utensil and the cavity too doesn’t heat up.
  • Microwavable glass bowls should not be micro-waved immediately after refrigeration because it might crack or break due to sudden change in temperature from low to very high, use only Microwave safe cookware.
  • Deep frying and oil cooking food items does not suit a microwave oven and such foods have to be cooked and processed the conventional way.
  • Microwave can do just everything from cooking all kinds of dishes and heating up food in few seconds silently.
  • For baking cakes and pastries the best containers would be Silicone utensils and bake wares which can stand microwave heat and will be suitable for cakes.

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Microwaving food for cooking and heating is based upon RADAR technology using radio waves to heat up food particles and molecules by resonating with microwave radio frequency. For microwaving food in a microwave oven only containers and utensils that can stand high temperatures and allows radio waves to penetrate are suitable such as high density virgin plastic, toughened glass and microwavable porcelain.

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