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The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to help you understand what data we (as BestOvenPrice.com) collect from you as a user, the reason behind it and how it is used. It is important that you take time to go through it thoroughly.

Privacy Policy

Below privacy policy is applicable to all the users/visitors of BestOvenPrice.com regardless of how, when and from where the sites is accessed. Read more in our terms of use page.

Personal & Non-Personal Information:

BestOvenPrice.com does not collect any personal information about you as a user of this site (except in 2 cases – mentioned below). However, we and some of the 3rd party application that we use now (Google Analytics, affiliate partners) or may use in future (Google AdSense) may use cookies to collect some non-personal information such as browser type, operating system, device type, internet service provider, your location, amount of time spent on site, sites you visited before visiting this site so on.We consider this information as non-personal as they cannot be used to personally identify you. Such non-personal information is used by BestOvenPrice.com to administer the website and perform various analysis to optimize the site’s content and performance.This data could also be used by 3rd parties (including Google) to serve ads based on your prior visits to this and other websites. Check Google Ads privacy policy for more information.

Personal Information collected while Leaving a Comment:

While leaving a comment/feedback anywhere on the site using the comment form (found at the end of most of the pages on BestOvenPrice.com), we ask you for your name and email address. The intent here again is to be able to reach you with respect to the comment you leave.


In order to analyse and optimize your usage experience based on how you interact with the site, BestOvenPrice.com and 3rd parties may make use of cookies. You can disable the usage of cookies altogether by changing the appropriate browser settings.

Affiliate Partners

BestOvenPrice.com may redirect you to external 3rd party sites in which case the privacy policy of the appropriate site will govern. Since BestOvenPrice.com has no control over the data collected by these 3rd parties (if any) it is advised to view their privacy policy. Any query/concern on the privacy policies of 3rd party/affiliate partners shall be directly taken with them.

Privacy Policy Changes

BestOvenPrice.com will, from time to time, update this privacy policy as it seems fit with clearly highlighting what has changed by updating this page with those changes. If you have any further questions or clarifications, feel free to contact us at info@BestOvenPrice.com or leave a comment and we will get in touch with you.


Continuing to access BestOvenPrice.com would mean that you confirm that you have read this privacy policy (in full) and give your consent to BestOvenPrice.com and the 3rd parties (whose services BestOvenPrice.com uses) to collect data, process and use it in accordance with this privacy policy.

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